Felipe Dário, about

I’m a designer who knows some code. I think that design approach and methodologies – design thinking, service design and user experience – help solving problems and create better solutions, online and offline.

I worked as an UX/UI designer and as head of design at large companies and startups. I’m the co-founder of one: garagethinking - check it ;)

I have a bachelor in Graphic Design, a specialization in Interaction Design, an MBA in Strategic Management and a master in Marketing Intelligence.

Send me an email and let's chat about work, music, design, travel or recipes.

Felipe Dário, works


Doropomo is an inverted Pomodoro focused for a truly work/life balance. We created Doropomo as a criticism of the high productivity in most people’s lives. We are not saying that Pomodoro Technique doesn’t work and it’s a great time management method. Our desire was to show a different approach to manage your time and work. We really believe in a work/life balance and you can do it using Doropomo.


doropomo app screenshot

App screenshots


garagethinking is a solution that provides tools to create and organize ideas, then turn them into businesses. These tools are focused in design thinking, lean startup and UX methodologies. I’m the co-founder of the startup, working as more with the user discovery, design, UX and communication.


garagethinking app screenshot

App screenshots

Be Outdare

Be Outdare offers a platform for outdoor sports enthusiasts to rent premium equipment. As a UX/UI designer at the startup, I build information architecture for the app, to enhance and improve the existing experience, create and test prototypes to validate the business requirements and implement the live version of the product.


Be Outdare site screenshot

Landing page and platform screenshots


Serpro is an ITC government owned company, the largest one in Latin America. In 2013, I assumed as head of the UX team. The team help understanding and planning the UX/UI of the projects and try to make more them user-centered. For this, we improve the design work process, the use of tools and patterns. It helps to increase UX/UI design in the company's projects.

Using design thinking and service design methodologies and tools, for example: design sprints, blueprint, user journeys, user testing, integrated with the agile methodologies, enabled a better understanding of the users' problems and to increase the quality of products.

We start creating our design system to build faster and better products, with a scalable frontend framework to offer a unique experience in the products.


Some products of Serpro

Some products of Serpro: UX/UI

Some products of Serpro

Some methodologies used to created products: design sprints, design thinking, service design.


iTakeActions is an online community of citizens who are taking actions to improve the standard of living for Africans, starting with taking actions to advance education in Nigeria.

Worked as UX/UI of the platform an I was responsible to propose interactions and to create the interfaces and visual guidelines for the frontend team.

The project is part of UNV Online Volunteering Programme and it has people working from different countries and cultures, so it's very important to keep communication clear and the it well documented.



User Interface

Sitemap and navigation

Sitemap and navigation


Cinecipó is socio-environmental Cinema Festival of Serra do Cipó. Serra do Cipó is s a national park in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Since 2011, the festival has a different visual identity every year and until 2014, we help creating its logo, print and digital material.


Cinecipo ad material

Some products of Serpro: UX/UI

Seu Ignácio

It's a personal project and a platform that allows friends and family members to leave phrases and illustrations to pay tributes to their loved ones. The tributes can be shared on social media, for voting and commenting. In addition, they can be added to online albums and printed as well.

The idea was initially developed to pay a special tribute my grandfather, Seu Ignacio, but it can be used to anyone else. People can create new honorees and share it with their family members and friends, allowing them to include special phrares and illustrations.

Seu Ignácio teaser video

IA and UX

Information architecture and user experience



Estudar em Portugal

I made this page to help whose wanto to study in Portugal. When I looked for information, there was a lot of different sources and I try to make is more visual, using by steps and linking to this different material.

Estudar em Portugal

IA and UX


Felipe Dário, presentations

Challenges of UX and Agile at Serpro (Desafios de UX, no Ágil e no Serpro) at Agile Trends Gov'16.

eLearning and digital inclusion (Educação a Distância Livre: Alavancando a Inclusão Digital) at Campus Party '13.

Moodle and learning objects (Integrando um modelo de objeto de aprendizagem, centrado no processo de ensino-aprendizagem a um curso do Moodle) at MoodleMoot'12.

Tool to export Moodle courses to SCORM, PDF and off-line version (Ferramenta para exportação de cursos do Moodle em versão off-line, SCORM e PDF) at MoodleMoot'12.

Felipe Dário, contact

Send an email to contato@felipedario.com.br or find out more about me on my social media.